Fuel Transfer Technologies Inc.

Inventors of the G CAN®

The G CAN® was invented, developed and is manufactured by Fuel Transfer Technologies Inc. (FTT), located in Atlantic Canada. FTT is an award winning Research/Development and Manufacturing company focused on providing industry-leading fuel transfer technologies.

How the G CAN® began

The traditional gas can has changed very little in the last 70 years. FTT understood the growing consumer dissatisfaction and environmental consequences of transferring gasoline with existing technology and created a solution.

FTT envisioned a completely new and innovative way to transfer fuel and set out to create a safer, clean, and more enjoyable refueling experience with the G CAN®.

The G CAN® provides the first truly portable gas station style experience. It was launched in Canada in 2012.

For more information on FTT, visit the company website.