Protect What Matters

Safer solution for your refueling needs

The G CAN® is a portable gas station with SmartSensing Technology to prevent spills and recover harmful gasoline vapours while refueling. The G CAN® greatly reduces the potential for fuel-related fires, injuries, accidents and environmental harm associated with gas spills and vapour emissions.

It works great for fueling my lawn tractor, just need to put the nozzle in, a few pumps with no effort. The base is also very sturdy, don’t have to worry about tipping when traveling with fuel. It’s very clean, and nozzle will not drip once done.Richard F., New Brunswick

SAFER Protect your Home, Family & Equipment

  • Auto shut-off nozzle and safety actuator prevent spills and overfills.
  • Safety actuator immediately stops the flow of fuel if the spout is removed from the equipment tank.
  • Foot pedal eliminates heavy and awkward lifting, providing you full refueling control.
  • Closed system keeps fuel contaminant-free, protecting valuable tools and power equipment.
  • No disassembly required for safe transportation.

CLEANER Help the Environment

  • Closed system minimizes the release of fuel vapours into the environment.
  • Active vapour recovery technology recovers and stores displaced fuel vapour.
  • System senses when the equipment tank is full and automatically stops the flow of fuel to prevent spills and overfills so there’s no fuel contaminating the ground and no spills on your hands, clothes and equipment.
  • Precise control regulates and immediately stops the fuel flow as desired.

CERTIFIED G CAN® Certifications

  • System designed and independently tested; proven to exceed established industry standards for Child Safety and Senior-Use Effectiveness (ASTM F2517-09).

* Doug Hamer is a paid endorser of the G CAN®.