G CAN® SmartSensing Technology

Auto Shut-Off Nozzle

Patented automatic shut-off nozzle prevents spills and overfills, providing full refueling control.

Actuator & Dual-Line Hose

Safety actuator prevents spills related to premature dispensing and accidental removal of the nozzle. Dual-line hose for fuel delivery and vapour recovery.


Kickstand provides Hands-Free refueling option (with certain gas tanks).

Closed System

Separate fill entrance from fuel nozzle keeps contaminants out to protect your equipment.

Foot Pedal

Eliminates lifting and allows you to control the flow of fuel (pumping up to 9 litres per minute).

Dual-Action Fuel Pump

Dispenses fuel and simultaneously captures and stores harmful vapours.

SmartSensing Technology

The patented SmartSensing Technology, combined in the automatic shut-off nozzle and dual action foot pump, works independently of the user by sensing when the equipment tank is full and automatically stopping the flow of gasoline, effectively eliminating spills and preventing overfills during refueling. SmartSensing Technology also allows for the recovery of harmful vapours escaping the equipment tank during the refueling process, reducing the amount of vapours being released into the environment.