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Bob Izumi Testimonial Video
Bob Izumi, Host of “Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show” *
Doug Hamer Testimonial Video
Doug Hamer, Retired Fire Chief *


Love it

I have had a G CAN for about a year now and love it. After a couple of my buddy’s saw mine they ordered one as well. Filling our Harley’s was always a problem with the cheap cans and a funnel. Now it is just like pulling up to a gas station in our own garages and no spillage on our pride and joys. Fred W., Ontario

Valuable piece of equipment

We had our portable generator going non-stop in our SW Calgary neighborhood shortly after the floods hit and power was cut. Next to the volunteers and the generators, our G CAN supplying the fuel became the most valuable pieces of equipment we had. The G CAN was easy to use, move around and was no strain on our already tired bodies. Thanks to the G CAN we kept the generators going, which kept some basements dry! Greg G., Calgary, Alberta

Very clean

The G CAN is awesome! It works great for fueling my lawn tractor, just need to put the nozzle in, a few pumps with no effort. The base is also very sturdy, don’t have to worry for tipping when traveling fuel in the car. It’s very clean, and nozzle will not drip once done. Richard F., New Brunswick

Highly recommend

In 2012 we purchased a new RV. It is very important to keep it full of stabilized gas for five months while winter parked in our driveway in Ottawa, Ontario. During this period, it is necessary to regularly start and run the RV motor and generator for the better part of an hour; which in turn lowers gas volume below the required level (full). This winter, with our G CAN, we have been easily able to re-fill the tank with fresh stabilized gas with each RV startup. This in turn negates the need to expose the RV to road salt and corrosion risk while driving to and from the gas station. It is easy to fill and just as easy to empty; with or without winter gloves. We highly recommend G CANs. Graham G., Ottawa, Ontario


Great product

I work as a small engine mechanic at Kooy Brothers lawn equipment, which is probably the biggest dealer in all of Ontario. I have been using one of the
G CANs for two years now and I use it anywhere from three times to 18 times a day. Some days it has been used 50 times a day to gas up small equipment and I must admit this unit has never failed or leaked. I was a bit worried about the price in the beginning but I see now it was worth it. I have used the competitors gravity fed cans in the past only to have them fail in a couple of weeks and pour gas all over my hands. This unit has saved hundreds of dollars in spilled fuel and never mind the time and labour required to clean up the mess. This is really a no fuss product that works reliably and you could consider it as commercial quality. I would definitely recommend the G CAN to anybody. Thank you G CAN so much for building a great product.
B. Ward - Kooy Brothers, Toronto, Ontario

Best gas can ever owned

I was in contact with G CAN this summer. Frenette landscaping has been using G CAN for a year.  He asked me what I thought about G CAN. I told him it was the best gas can I ever owned. In the past 2 months, we had my old gas can and I had more problems with my equipment, we would lose caps or nozzles, then dirt or rain would get in tank or we would lose gas in back of the truck. I went ahead and bought two more G CANs. Valérie B. - Frenette Landscaping, New Brunswick

* Bob Izumi and Doug Hamer are paid endorsers of the G CAN®.